• Isolated
• Fixed Frequency (600 kHz)
• High Efficiency
• High Power Density
• Low Cost
• Output Voltage Trim
• Basic Insulation
• UL60950-1 Recognized (UL/cUL)
• Input Under Voltage Lockout
• Output Over Voltage Shutdown
• Over Temperature Protection
• Remote On/Off (option)
• Positive/Negative Remote Sense
• Through Hole and SMT (option)

The xRSB-50T series are isolated dc/dc converters that operate from a nominal 48 Vdc source. These units will provide up to 60 W of output power from a nominal 48 Vdc input. These units are designed to be highly efficient and low cost. Features include remote on/off, over current protection and under voltage lockout. These converters are provided in an industry standard sixteenth brick package.

xRSB-50TV2L xRSB-50TV20
xRSB-50TV5L xRSB-50TV50
xRSB-50TV8L xRSB-50TV80
xRSB-50T02L xRSB-50T025
xRSB-50T03L xRSB-50T033
xRSB-50T05L xRSB-50T050
xRSB-50T12L xRSB-50T120

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