The ZXGD3101 is intended to drive MOSFETS configured as ideal diode replacements. The device is comprised of a differential amplifier detector stage and high current driver. The detector monitors the reverse voltage of the MOSFET such that if body diode conduction occurs a positive voltage is applied to the MOSFET's Gate pin.
Once the positive voltage is applied to the Gate the MOSFET switches on allowing reverse current flow. The detectors' output voltage is then proportional to the MOSFET Drain-Source reverse voltage drop and this is applied to the Gate via the driver. This action provides a rapid turn off as current decays.

• Turn-off propagation delay 15ns and turnoff time 20ns
• Suitable for Discontinuous Mode (DCM), Critical Conduction Mode (CrCM) and Continuous mode(CCM) operation
• Compliant with Energy Star V2.0 and European Code of Conduct V3
• Low component count
• Halogen free
• 5-15V VCC range

Flyback converters in:
• Adaptors
• LCD monitors
• Server PSU’s
• Set top boxes


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