The ZL2106 is an innovative power conversion and management IC that combines an integrated synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with key power management functions in a small package, resulting in a flexible and integrated solution. Zilker Labs Digital-DC™ technology enables unparalleled power management integration while delivering industry-leading performance in a tiny footprint.
The ZL2106 can provide an output voltage from 0.54 V to 5.5 V (with margin) from an input voltage between 4.5 V and 14 V. Internal low RDS(ON) synchronous power MOSFETs enable the ZL2106 to deliver continuous loads up to 6 A with high efficiency. An internal Schottky bootstrap diode reduces discrete component count. The ZL2106 also supports phase spreading to reduce system input capacitance.
Power management features such as digital softstart delay and ramp, sequencing, tracking, and margining can be configured by simple pinstrapping or through an on-chip serial port. The ZL2106 uses the PMBus™ protocol for communication with a host controller and the Digital-DC bus for interoperability between other Zilker Labs devices.

Power Conversion
*Efficient synchronous buck controller
*Integrated MOSFET switches
*6 A continuous output current
*4.5 V to 14 V input range
*0.54 V to 5.5 V output range (with margin)
*±1% output voltage accuracy
*200 kHz to 1 MHz switching frequency
*Phase spreading and Fault spreading
*Snapshot™ parametric capture
*Small footprint QFN package (6 x 6 mm)
Power Management
*Digital soft start/stop
*Precision delay and ramp-up
*Power good/enable
*Voltage tracking, sequencing, and margining
*Voltage / current / temperature monitoring
*Output voltage and current protection
*I2C/SMBus interface, PMBus compatible
*Internal non-volatile memory (NVM)

*Telecom, Networking, Storage equipment
*High-density servers
*Test & Measurement equipment
*Industrial control equipment
*5V & 12V distributed power systems


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