The XRP7604 is a non-synchronous voltage mode PWM step down converter with integrated high side FET optimized to drive high power LEDs at up to 1A of continuous current. A wide 4.5V to 29V input voltage range allows for single supply operations from industry standard 5V, 12V or 24V power rails.
A 1.2MHz constant operating frequency allows for small external components selection while an internal type II control loop compensation reduces the overall component count and solution footprint. A low 200mV feedback reference voltage minimizes power dissipation in the system while efficiency is mazimized via a 100% duty cycle capability. Dimming and shutdown mode is provided via an enable function when required. An adjustable over current and under voltage lock out protection insures safe operations under abnormal operating conditions.
The XRP7604 is pin compatible with Exar’s XRP7603 and SP7600, non synchronous buck high power led drivers respectively rated at 500mA and 2A.
The XRP7604 is offered in a compact thermally enhanced RoHS compliant “green”/halogen free 8-pin SO package.

*1A Continous Output Current Capable
*4.5V to 29V Single Rail Input Voltage
*1.2MHz Constant Switching Frequency
*Internal Control Loop Compensation
*0.2V Feedback Reference Voltage
*2.5% Output Voltage Accuracy
*Built-in Soft Start
*PWM & Analog Dimming Capability
*Adjustable Over-Current Protection
*Pin Compatible with 500mA rate XRP7603 & 2A rated SP7600
*Thermally Enhanced Package
*RoHS Compliant “Green”/Halogen Free 8-pin SO Package

*General Lighting and Displays
*Architectural and Accent Lighting
*Medical and Industrial Instrumentation
*Video Projectors


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