General Description
Mimix Broadband’s 4.5-10.5 GHz QFN packaged receiver has a noise figure of 1.8 dB and 13.0 dB conversion gain across the band. The device integrates an LNA, image reject mixer and LO buffer amplifier within a fully molded 4x4mm QFN package. The image reject mixer eliminates the need for a bandpass filter after the LNA to remove thermal noise at the image frequency. I and Q mixer outputs are provided and an external 90 degree hybrid is required to select the desired sideband. This device uses Mimix Broadband’s 0.15 μm GaAs PHEMT device model technology, and is based upon electron beam lithography to ensure high repeatability and uniformity. This device is well suited for Point-to-Point Radio, LMDS, SATCOM and VSAT applications.

*Integrated LNA, Mixer and LO Buffer Amplifier
*1.8 dB Noise Figure
*13.0 dB Conversion Gain
*4x4mm QFN Package
*100% RF, DC and NF Testing

XR1011-QH-0G00, XR1011-QH-0G0T, XR1011-QH-EV1
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