The XCR3032XL is a 3.3V, 32-macrocell CPLD targeted at power sensitive designs that require leading edge programmable logic solutions.
A total of two function blocks provide 750 usable gates.
Pin-to-pin propagation delays are 5.0 ns with a maximum system frequency of 200 MHz.

*Lowest power 32 macrocell CPLD
*5.0 ns pin-to-pin logic delays
*System frequencies up to 200 MHz
*32 macrocells with 750 usable gates
*Available in small footprint packages
-48-ball CS BGA (36 user I/O pins)
-44-pin VQFP (36 user I/O)
-44-pin PLCC (36 user I/O)
*Optimized for 3.3V systems
-Ultra-low power operation
-5V tolerant I/O pins with 3.3V core supply
-Advanced 0.35 micron five layer metal EEPROM process
-Fast Zero Power™ (FZP) CMOS design technology
*Advanced system features
-In-system programming
-Input registers
-Predictable timing model
-Up to 23 available clocks per function block
-Excellent pin retention during design changes
-Full IEEE Standard 1149.1 boundary-scan (JTAG)
-Four global clocks
-Eight product term control terms per function block
*Fast ISP programming times
*Port Enable pin for dual function of JTAG ISP pins
*2.7V to 3.6V supply voltage at industrial temperature range
*Programmable slew rate control per macrocell
*Security bit prevents unauthorized access
*Refer to XPLA3 family data sheet (DS012) for architecture description


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