The XC6801 series is a constant-current/constant-voltage linear charger IC for single cell lithium-ion batteries. The XC6801 includes a reference voltage source, battery voltage monitor, driver transistor, constant-current/constant-voltage charge circuit, overheat protection circuit and phase compensation circuit. The battery charge termination voltage is internally set to 4.2V ±0.7% and the trickle charge voltage and accuracy is 2.9V ±3%. In trickle charge mode, a safe battery charge is possible because approximately only 1/10 of the full charge current is supplied to the battery. As it is possible to select a highly accurate charge current of either 100mA (MAX.) for L level input to the LIM pin or 500mA (MAX.) for H level, the series is ideal for applications where the charge is from USB. The series’ charge status output pin, /CHG pin, is capable of checking the IC’s charging state via connection to an external LED.

*Operating Voltage Range : 4.25V ~ 6.0V
*Charge Current(externally set) : 100mA (MAX.) @ LIM pin=L, 500mA (MAX.) @ LIM pin=H
*Charge Termination Voltage : 4.2V ±0.7%
*Trickle Charge Voltage : 2.9V ±3%
*Supply Current (Stand-by) : 12μA (TYP.)
*Packages : SOT-89-5, SOT-25, USP-6C
*Constant-current/constant-voltage operation
*with thermal shutdown
*Automatic recharge
*Charge status output pin
*Soft-start function (Inrush limit current)

*USB charge applications
*Charging docks, charging cradles
*MP3 players, portable audio players
*Cellular phones, PDAs
*Bluetooth headsets

XC6801A421PR-G, XC6801A421MR-G, XC6801A421ER-G
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