The XC61F series are highly accurate, low power consumption voltage detectors, manufactured using CMOS and laser trimming technologies. A delay circuit is built-in to each detector.
Detect voltage is extremely accurate with minimal temperature drift.
Both CMOS and N-channel open drain output configurations are available.
Since the delay circuit is built-in, peripherals are unnecessary and high density mounting is possible.

*Highly Accurate : ± 2%
*Low Power Consumption : 1.0μA(TYP.)[ VIN=2.0V ]
*Detect Voltage Range : 1.6V ~ 6.0V in 100mV increments
*Operating Voltage Range : 0.7V ~ 10.0V
*Detect Voltage Temperature Characteristics :±100ppm/℃(TYP.)
*Built-In Delay Circuit : ① 1ms ~ 50ms
                                 ② 50ms ~ 200ms
                                 ③ 80ms ~ 400ms
*Output Configuration :N-channel open drain or CMOS
*Small Packages : SOT-23 (250mW)
                         : SOT-89 (500mW)
                         : TO-92 (300mW)
*No parts are available with an accuracy of ± 1%

*Microprocessor reset circuitry
*Memory battery back-up circuits
*Power-on reset circuits
*Power failure detection
*System battery life and charge voltage monitors
*Delay circuitry

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