The WM9715L is a highly integrated input / output device designed for mobile computing and communications. The device can connect directly to a 4-wire or 5-wire touchpanel, mono or stereo microphones, stereo headphones and a mono speaker, reducing total component count in the system. Additionally, phone input and output pins are provided for seamless integration with wireless communication devices.
The WM9715L also offers up to four auxiliary ADC inputs for analogue measurements such as temperature or light. To monitor the battery voltage in portable systems, the WM9715L has two uncommitted comparator inputs.
All device functions are accessed and controlled through a single AC-Link interface compatible with the AC’97 standard (rev 2.2). Additionally, the WM9715L can generate interrupts to indicate pen down, pen up, availability of touchpanel data, low battery, and dead battery.
The WM9715L operates at supply voltages from 1.8 to 3.6 Volts. Each section of the chip can be powered down under software control to save power. The device is available in a small leadless 7x7mm QFN package, ideal for use in handheld portable systems.

*AC’97 Rev 2.2 compatible stereo codec
-DAC SNR 90dB, THD –86dB
-ADC SNR 88dB, THD –88dB
-Variable Rate Audio, supports all WinCE sample rates
-Tone Control, Bass Boost and 3D Enhancement
*On-chip 45mW headphone driver
*On-chip 400mW mono speaker driver
*Stereo, mono or differential microphone input
-Automatic Level Control (ALC)
*Auxiliary mono DAC (ring tone or DC level generation)
*Seamless interface to wireless chipset
*Resistive touchpanel interface
-Supports 4-wire and 5-wire panels
-12-bit resolution, INL ±3 LSBs (<0.5 pixels)
-X, Y and touch-pressure (Z) measurement
-Pen-down detection supported in Sleep Mode
*2 comparator inputs for battery monitoring
*Up to 4 auxiliary ADC inputs
*1.8V to 3.6V supplies
*7x7mm QFN

*Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)
*Handheld and Tablet Computers


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