Product Description
The WJZ1020H is a passive double-balanced diode-ring mixer that provides high dynamic range performance in a Lead Free/ RoHS-compliant surface mount package.
The mixer is nominally driven with a LO input power of +17dBm to optimize its performance. Other WJZ models are available for other LO drive levels.
Targeted applications include frequency up/down conversion, modulation and demodulation for receivers and transmitters used in 2.5G and 3G GSM/CDMA/W-CDMA systems.
The device can also be used in Radar, Satellite,
Test / Medical Instruments, Avionics communications and Navigation markets.

Product Features
* +27.8 dBm Input IP3
* RF: 1 – 2700 MHz
* LO: 1 – 2700 MHz
* IF: 1 – 2000 MHz
* +17 dBm LO Drive Level
* No Internal Solder Connections
* Lead Free/RoHS-compliant SMT package
* No External Bias Required

* Up/down frequency conversion
* Phase Detector
* Image Rejection
* Current Controlled Attenuator


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