W83626F/W83626D/W83626G is a transparent LPC-to-ISA bus conversion IC.
For the new generation Intel chipset Camino and Whitney, SiS Super South 960, featuring LPC bus, there is no support for ISA bus and slots. However, the demand of ISA devices still exists. For such case, W83626F/G is the best companion solution for the non-ISA chipset. Also the packages of W83626F/G had been chosen to be the most economic solution for save the M/B board layout size and cost.
For the new generation chipset featuring LPC interface and support no ISA bus, W83627HF/HG (Winbond LPC I/O) together with the set of W83626F/G is the complete solution.

LPC to ISA Bridge
*Meet LPC Spec. 1.1
*Support LDRQ# (LPC DMA), SERIRQ (serial IRQ)
*Full ISA Bus Support except ISA Bus Masters, 16 bit I/O and Memory R/W
*5V ISA and 3.3V LPC interfaces
*All Software Transparent
*IRQ Serializer for ISA Parallel IRQ transfer to Serial IRQ
*Supports 3 fully ISA Compatible Slots without Buffering
*LPC Bus at 33MHz
*Supports Programmable ISA Bus Divide the PCI Clock into 3 or 4
*All ISA Signals can be Isolated
*14.318MHz in to generate two 14.318MHz buffer out and one 24.576MHz
*Specific Keyboard Functions supported
*Support 8 programmable general purpose I/O pins
*Supports Configuration registers for programming performance
*128-pin PQFP for W83626F

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