The W39L020 is a 2Mbit, 3.3-volt only CMOS flash memory organized as 256K × 8 bits. For flexible erase capability, the 2Mbits of data are divided into 4 uniform sectors of 64 Kbytes, which are composed of 16 smaller even pages with 4 Kbytes. The byte-wide (× 8) data appears on DQ7 − DQ0. The device can be programmed and erased in-system with a standard 3.3V power supply. A 12-volt VPP is not required. The unique cell architecture of the W39L020 results in fast program/erase operations with extremely low current consum ption (compared to other comparable 3.3-volt flash memory products). The device can also be programmed and erased by using standard EPROM programmers.

*Single 3.3-volt operations
-3.3-volt Read
-3.3-volt Erase
-3.3-volt Program
*Fast Program operation:
-Byte-by-Byte programming: 50 μS (max.)
*Fast Erase operation:
-Chip Erase cycle time: 100 mS (max.)
-Sector Erase cycle time: 25mS (max.)
-Page Erase cycle time: 25mS (max.)
*Read access time: 70/90 nS
*4 Even sectors with 64K bytes each, which is composed of 16 flexible pages with 4K bytes
*Any individual sector or page can be erased
*Hardware protection:
-Optional 16K byte or 64K byte Top/Bottom Boot Block with lockout protection
*Flexible 4K-page size can be used as Parameter Blocks
*Typical program/erase cycles: 1K/10K
*Twenty-year data retention
*Low power consumption
-Active current: 10 mA (typ.)
-Standby current: 5 μA (typ.)
*End of program detection
-Software method: Toggle bit/Data polling
*TTL compatible I/O
*JEDEC standard byte-wide pinouts
*Available packages: 32L PLCC, 32L TSOP (8 x 20 mm) and 32L STSOP (8 x 14 mm)

W39L020P-70, W39L020P-90, W39L020T-70, W39L020T-90, W39L020Q-70

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