* SONET OC-192, SDH STM-64 Systems
* 10GbE, G.975, G.709 and Proprietary FEC Systems
* Long Haul / Ultra Long Haul Transmission Systems
* Line Cards
* Transponders

* 16:1 Data Multiplexer
* PLL Based Clock Multiplier
* Integrated Jitter Filter PLL
* Full-rate/Half-rate Clock Outputs
* Flexible PLL Based Parallel Data Clocking
* Selectable Bit-order and Phase Reversal
* Selectable Low Phase Noise VCOs
* Surpasses SONET/SDH Jitter Generation/Transfer Requirements

* 1:16 Data Demultiplexer
* PLL Based Clock Recovery
* Highly Sensitive Front-end: 8mVpp Single-ended
* Powerful Adaptive Threshold Control Features
* Surpasses SONET/SDH Jitter Tolerance Requirements
* Reference Multiplier PLL
* True Loss of Signal Function
* Direct Recovery of NRZ and RZ Signals

* Full or Half-rate Clock output for use with Clocked Laser Drivers or in RZ Signal Generation
* Built in Jitter Filter PLL
* Extremely Low Clock-data Skew
* Clock Outputs can be Disabled to Save Power
* Flexible Parallel Data Clocking Using Internal PLL
* No External Heatsink Required
* High Sensitivity Eliminates Need for AGC/Post-amplifier
* Adaptive Threshold Control Features to Optimize BER
* Proven Performance with Degraded/Difficult Signals Such as:
- Poor OSNR
- Chromatic Dispersion
- Differential Group Delay
- RZ Signaling

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