The UTC US2026A is a standard dual channels power switch with independent over-current protection fault flag functions, optimized for bus-powered Universal Serial Bus (USB) and self-powered applications, including Notebook and desktop PC’s that supply power to more than one port.
The UTC US2026A also offers thermal shutdown protection that reduces current consumption in fault modes for each switch and the entire device. With a 1ms delay on the fault FLAG output prevents erroneous over current reporting caused by in-rush currents during hot-plug events.
In addition, the UTC US2026A employs soft-start circuitry that minimizes in-rush current in applications where highly capacitive loads are employed.

* Two P-channel power MOSFET control switch
* 110μA Max operating current
* 5μA Max standby current
* 145 mΩ Max switch resistance
* 2.7V ~ 5.5V input voltage range
* 500mA minimum continuous load current
* Smooth turn-on eliminates in-rush induced voltage drop
* 1 ms fault flag delay filters Hot-Plug events
* Over-current protection
* Under-voltage lockout circuit
* Thermal shutdown protection
* Flag indicates fault conditions


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