The UPD16803 is a monolithic dual H bridge driver circuit which uses N-channel power MOS FETs in its driver stage.
By employing the power MOS FETs for the output stage, this driver circuit has a substantially improved saturation voltage and power consumption as compared with conventional driver circuits that use bipolar transistors.
In addition, the drive current can be adjusted by an external resistor in a power-saving mode.
The UPD16803 is therefore ideal as the driver circuit of the 2-phase excitation, bipolar-driven stepping motor for the head actuator of an FDD.

• Low ON resistance (sum of ON resistors of top and bottom transistors)
- RON1 = 1.5 W TYP. (VM = 5.0 V)
- RON2 = 2.0 W TYP. (VM = 12.0 V)
• Low current consumption: IDD = 0.4 mA TYP.
• Stop mode function that turns OFF all output transistors
• Compact surface mount package: 20-pin plastic SOP (300 mil)


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