The UPC842GR-9LG, UPC4742GR-9LG are a high speed version of the operational amplifier UPC1251GR-9LG, UPC1251MP-KAA, UPC358GR-9LG for general single power supply use with high speed pulse response and high stabilization.
A high speed PNP transistor is used in the circuit which improves the characteristics such as a slew rate, gain-bandwidth product, stabilization of the withstand load capacitance, with no crossover distortion compared to UPC1251GR-9LG, UPC 1251MP-KAA, UPC358GR-9LG.
Therefore, UPC842GR-9LG, UPC4742GR-9LG can be used in a wide range of application circuits for single power supply AC amplifier, active filters, line driver and an amplifier for light receiving element etc.
The UPC842GR-9LG which expands temperature type is suited for wide operating ambient temperature use, and UPC4742GR-9LG is used for general purposes.
UPC844GR-9LG, UPC4744GR-9LG which are quad types with the same circuit configuration are also available as series of operational amplifiers.

• Slew Rate (AV = +1) 7 V/μs (TYP.)
• Stability to capacitive loads (load capacity, 1000 pF) (V+ = +5 V, V− = GND)
• Internal frequency compensation
• Gain Band Width Product 3.5 MHz (TYP.)
• Output short-circuit protection
• Input Offset Voltage ±2 mV (TYP.)
• A pin connection (pin compatible) of a standard dual operational
• Input Offset Current ±6 nA (TYP.) amplifier.
• Wide operating ambient temperature range
UPC842GR-9LG: TA = −40 to +125°C, UPC4742GR-9LG: TA = −40 to +85°C


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