TSIL6400 is a high efficiency infrared emitting diode in GaAlAs on GaAs technology, molded in clear, bluegrey tinted plastic packages.
In comparison with the standard GaAs on GaAs technology these emitters achieve about 70 % radiant power improvement at a similar wavelength.
The forward voltages at low current and at high pulse current roughly correspond to the low values of the standard technology. Therefore these emitters are ideally suitable as high performance replacements of standard emitters.

*Extra high radiant power and radiant intensity
*Low forward voltage
*Suitable for high pulse current operation
*Standard T–1 (ø 5 mm) package
*Angle of half intensity j = ± 17
*Peak wavelength p = 925 nm
*High reliability
*Good spectral matching to Si photodetectors

*Infrared remote control units with high power requirements
*Free air transmission systems
*Infrared source for optical counters and card readers
*IR source for smoke detectors

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