The TPS65573 offers a complete solution for a charging photo flash capacitor and flashing xenon tube with insulated gate bipolar transfer (IGBT) driver. This device has an integrated voltage reference, power (SW), comparators for peak current detection/power SW turnon detection/charge complete detection, IGBT driver and control logics for charging applications/driving IGBT applications.
Compared with discrete solutions, this device reduces the component count, shrinks the total solution size, and erases the difficulty of design for xenon tube application.
Additional advantages are a fast charging time and high efficiency since this device has an optimized pulse width modulation (PWM) control algorithm for photo flash charging. Also this device has high accuracy for peak current detection and for charge completion detection. The distribution of charging time is smaller.
Other provisions of the device include sensing the output voltage at the primary side, programmable peak current at the primary side, protection features (thermal shutdown and overcurrent), an output pin for charge completion detection, input pins for charge enable, flash acceptable, and flash on.

*Wide Input Voltage
-VBAT = 1.4 V to 12 V
-VCC = 2.5 V to 5.5 V
*Integrated 50-V Power Switch With Lower R ON
*Programmable Peak Current at Primary Side From 0.5 A to 1.5 A
*Optimized Switch ON/OFF Control for Fast Charging
*Charge Complete Detection at Primary Side With High Accuracy
*Integrated IGBT Driver
*2-mm × 3-mm, 12-Pin WSON Package
-Overcurrent Protection (OCP)
-Thermal Shutdown (TSD)

*Digital Still Cameras
*Optical Film Cameras
*Digital Video Camcorders
*Cell Phones


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