The TLV320AIC33 is a low power stereo audio codec with stereo headphone amplifier, as well as multiple inputs and outputs programmable in single-ended or fully differential configurations. Extensive register- based power control is included, enabling stereo 48-kHz DAC playback as low as 14 mW from a 3.3-V analog supply, making it ideal for portable battery-powered audio and telephony applications.
The record path of the TLV320AIC33 contains integrated microphone bias, digitally controlled stereo microphone preamplifier, and automatic gain control (aAnGalCog), iwnpituhtsm. Tx/hmeupxlacyabpaacbkiliptyatahminocnlgudtehse mmixu/lmtipulex capability from the stereo DAC and selected inputs, through programmable volume controls, to the various outputs.
The TLV320AIC33 contains four high-power output drivers as well as three fully differential output drivers. The high-power output drivers are capable of tdorivfoinugr achvaanrnieetyls ooff losaindglceo-ennfidgeudrat1io6n-Ws, hinecaluddpihnognueps using ac-coupling capacitors, or stereo 16-W headphones in a capacitorless output configuration. In addition, pairs of drivers can be used to drive 8-W speakers in a BTL configuration at 500 mW per channel.
The stereo audio DAC supports sampling rates from 8 kHz to 96 kHz and includes programmable digital filtering in the DAC path for 3D, bass, treble, midrange effects, speaker equalization, and de-emphasis for 32-kHz, 44.1-kHz, and 48-kHz rates. The stereo audio ADC supports sampling rates from 8 kHz to 96 kHz and is preceded by programmable gain amplifiers providing up to +59.5-dB analog gain for low-level microphone inputs.
The serial control bus supports SPI or I2C protocols, while the serial audio data bus is programmable for I2S, left/right-justified, DSP, or TDM modes. A highly programmable PLL is included for flexible clock generation and support for all standard audio rates from a wide range of available MCLKs, varying from 512 kHz to 50 MHz, with special attention paid to the most popular cases of 12-MHz, 13-MHz, 16-MHz, 19.2-MHz, and 19.68-MHz system clocks.
The TLV320AIC33 operates from an analog supply of 2.7 V–3.6 V, a digital core supply of 1.525 V–1.95 V, and a digital I/O supply of 1.1 V–3.6 V. The device is available in 5 X 5-mm, 80-ball MIcroStar Junior™ BGA and 7 X 7-mm, 48-lead QFN.

*Stereo Audio DAC
– 100-dBA Signal-to-Noise Ratio
– 16/20/24/32-Bit Data
– Supports Rates From 8 kHz to 96 kHz
– 3D/Bass/Treble/EQ/De-emphasis Effects
*Stereo Audio ADC
– 92-dBA Signal-to-Noise Ratio
– Supports Rates From 8 kHz to 96 kHz
*Ten Audio Input Pins
– Programmable in Single-Ended or Fully Differential Configurations
– 3-State Capability for Floating Input Configurations
*Seven Audio Output Drivers
– Stereo 8-W, 500-mW/Channel Speaker Drive Capability
– Stereo Fully Differential or Single-Ended Headphone Drivers
– Fully Differential Stereo Line Outputs
– Fully Differential Mono Output
*Low Power: 14-mW Stereo 48-kHz Playback With 3.3-V Analog Supply
*Programmable Input/Output Analog Gains
*Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for Record
*Programmable Microphone Bias Level
*Programmable PLL for Flexible Clock Generation
*Control Bus Selectable SPI or I2C
*Audio Serial Data Bus Supports I2S, Left/Right-Justified, DSP, and TDM Modes
*Alternate Serial PCM/I2S Data Bus for Easy Connection to Bluetooth™ Module
*Digital Microphone Input Support
*Extensive Modular Power Control
*Power Supplies:
– Analog: 2.7 V–3.6 V.
– Digital Core: 1.525 V–1.95 V


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