The TK715xx is a low dropout linear regulator housed in a small SOT23-3 package, rated at 400 mW. An internal PNP transistor is used to achieve a low dropout voltage of 105 mV (typ.) at 50 mA load current. This device offers high precision output voltage of ± 2.0 % or ± 60 mV. The TK715xx has a very low quiescent current of 25 μA (typ.) at no load. The low quiescent current and dropout voltage make this part ideal for battery powered applications. The internal reverse bias protection eliminates the requirement for a reverse voltage protection diode, saving cost and board space. The high 60 dB ripple rejection and low noise provide enhanced performance for critical applications.

*High Voltage Precision at ± 2.0% or ± 60 mV
*Very Low Quiescent Current
*Very Low Dropout Voltage
*Reverse Voltage Protection
*Miniature Package (SOT23-3)
*Short Circuit Protection
*High Ripple Rejection
*Can use Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

*Battery Powered Systems
*Cellular Telephones
*Personal Communications Equipment
*Portable Instrumentation
*Portable Consumer Equipment
*Radio Control Systems
*Low Voltage Systems

TK71515AS, TK71516AS, TK71517AS, TK71518AS, TK71519AS, TK71520AS

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