The Si533 dual frequency XO utilizes Silicon Laboratories’ advanced DSPLL® circuitry to provide a low jitter clock at high frequencies. The Si533 is available with any-rate output frequency from 10 to 945 MHz and select frequencies to 1400 MHz. Unlike a traditional XO, where a different crystal is required for each output frequency, the Si533 uses one fixed crystal to provide a wide range of output frequencies. This IC based approach allows the crystal resonator to provide exceptional frequency stability and reliability. In addition, DSPLL clock synthesis provides superior supply noise rejection, simplifying the task of generating low jitter clocks in noisy environments typically found in communication systems. The Si533 IC based XO is factory configurable for a wide variety of user specifications including frequency, supply voltage, output format, and temperature stability. Specific configurations are factory programmed at time of shipment, thereby eliminating long lead times associated with custom oscillators.

*Available with any-rate output frequencies from 10 MHz to 945 MHz and select frequencies to 1.4 GHz
*2 selectable output frequencies
*3rd generation DSPLL® with superior jitter performance
*3x better frequency stability than SAW-based oscillators
*Pin 1 output enable (OE)
*Internal fixed crystal frequency ensures high reliability and low aging
*Available CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, and CML outputs
*3.3, 2.5, and 1.8 V supply options
*Industry-standard 5 x 7 mm package and pinout

*SD/HD video
*Clock and data recovery
*FPGA/ASIC clock generation

SI533AA00100DGR, SI533BA00100DGR, SI533CA00100DGR, SI533DA00100DGR

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