The STDVE103A integrates a 4-channel 3.4 Gbps TMDS equalizer and a 3:1 switch to select one of the three HDMI ports. The high-speed data paths and flow-through pinout minimize the internal device jitter and simplify the board layout. The equalizer overcomes the jitter effects from lossy cables. The buffer/driver on the output can drive the TMDS output signals over long distances. Also, STDVE103A integrates the 50 W termination resistor on all the input channels to
improve performance and reduce board space.
The device can be placed in a low-power mode by disabling the output current drivers. The differential signal from the HDMI/DVI ports can be routed through the STDVE103A to guarantee good signal quality at the HDMI receiver. Designed for very low skew, jitter and low I/O capacitance, the switch preserves the signal integrity to pass the stringent HDMI compliance requirements.

*Digital video signal equalizer with 3:1 HDMI switch
*Compatible with the high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) v1.3 digital interface
*340 MHz maximum clock speed operation supports all video formats with deep color at maximum refresh rates
*3.4 Gbps data rate per channel
*Fully automatic adaptive equalizer for cable lengths up to 25 m
*Selectable 50 Ω input termination to VCC: 3.135 to 3.465 V
*Low speed control lines supply to VDD : 5 V (typ)
*ESD HBM model : > ±5 KV for all I/Os
*Integrated open-drain I2C buffer for display data channel (DDC)
*5.3 V tolerant DDC and HPD I/Os
*Lock-up free operation of I2C bus
*0 to 400 kHz clock frequency for I2C bus
*Low capacitance TMDS channels
*Equalizer for signal regeneration
*Low output skew and jitter

*Advanced TVs supporting the HDMI/DVI standard
*Front projectors, LCD TVs and PDPs
*Monitors and notebooks
*Set-top box and DVD players

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