The Bel SRBA-06A1Ax modules are a series of non-isolated dc/dc converters that deliver up to 6 A of output current with full load efficiency of 92% at 5.0 Vdc output. These modules pro Vide precisely regulated Voltage programmable via external resistor from 0.75 Vdc to 5.0 Vdc over a wide range of input voltage (8.3 Vdc - 14 Vdc). The open-frame construction and small footprint enable designers to develop cost and space-efficient solutions. Standard features include remote On/Off, over current protection, short current protection, wide input, and programmable output voltage.

*Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
*High Efficiency
*High Power Density
*Wide Input Range
*Fixed Frequency
*Wide Output Trim Range
*Remote On/Off
*Active Low/High


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