Product Description
The SPF-5122Z is a high performance pHEMT MMIC LNA designed for operation from 50MHz to 4000MHz. The on-chip active bias network provides stable current over temperature and process threshold voltage variations. The SPF-5122Z offers ultra-low noise figure and high linearity performance in a gain block configuration. Its single-supply operation and integrated matching networks make implementation remarkably simple. A high maximum input power specification make it ideal for high dynamic range receivers.

*Ultra-Low Noise Figure=0.60dB @ 900MHz
*Gain=18.9dB @ 900MHz
*High Linearity: OIP3=40.5dBm @ 1900MHz
*Channel Power=13.4dBm (-65dBc IS95 ACPR, 880MHz)
*P1dB=23.4dBm @ 1900MHz
*Single-Supply Operation: 5V @ Idq=90mA
*Flexible Biasing Options: 3-5V, Adjustable Current
*Broadband Internal Matching

*Cellular, PCS, W-CDMA, ISM, WiMAX Receivers
*PA Driver Amplifier
*Low Noise, High Linearity Gain Block Applications


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