The SP720 is an array of SCR/Diode bipolar structures for ESD and over-voltage protection to sensitive input circuits.
The SP720 has 2 protection SCR/Diode device structures per input.
A total of 14 available inputs can be used to protect up to 14 external signal or bus lines.
Over-voltage protection is from the IN (pins 1-7 and 9-15) to V+ or V-.
The SCR structures are designed for fast triggering at a threshold of one +V BE diode threshold above V+ (Pin 16) or a -V BE diode threshold below V- (Pin 8).
From an IN input, a clamp to V+ is activated if a transient pulse causes the input to be increased to a voltage level greater than one V BE above V+.
A similar clamp to V- is activated if a negative pulse, one V BE less than V-, is applied to an IN input.

*ESD Interface Capability for HBM Standards
-MIL STD 3015.7 . . . 15kV
-IEC 1000-4-2, Direct Discharge, Single Input. . . .  4kV (Level 2)
Two Inputs in Parallel . . . 8kV (Level 4)
-IEC 1000-4-2, Air Discharge. . .15kV (Level 4)
*High Peak Current Capability
-IEC 1000-4-5 (8/20μs) . . . ±3A
-Single Pulse, 100μs Pulse Width . . .±2A
-Single Pulse, 4μs Pulse Width . . .±5A
*Designed to Provide Over-Voltage Protection
-Single-Ended Voltage Range to . . . 30V
-Differential Voltage Range to . . . ±15V
*Fast Switching . . .  2ns Risetime
*Low Input Leakages . . . 1nA at 25℃ (Typ)
*Low Input Capacitance. . .  3pF (Typ)
*An Array of 14 SCR/Diode Pairs
*Operating Temperature Range . . . -40℃ to 105℃

*Microprocessor/Logic Input Protection
*Data Bus Protection
*Analog Device Input Protection
*Voltage Clamp


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