General Description
SN11087 is a high-performance integrated circuit to access the NAND type Flash memory via the USB 1.1 bus. It provides a flexible and cost efficient single chip solution for external storage applications such as USB Disk (Flash Disk). With the capability to be pin-to-pin compatible to SN11085, the current user of SN11085 can easily upgrade to SN11087 with no engineering effort needed at all. With all the features inherited from SN11085/086 like the low 6MHz system clock to reduce the EMI, the embedded translation table to eliminate the cost of external memory, the Sonix proprietary randomization algorithm to extend the lifetime of flash memory and ensure the product robustness, and the real time ECC correction function, the SN 11087 adds several other unique features to reduce the cost of the end product and meet the customer’s requirements.
To enrich the product line of the OEM manufacture, with the ability to support 8 pieces of flash memories and the new types of 2G bits flashes, SN11087 can be used to build up a storage device up to 2 Giga bytes. To reduce the total cost of the end product, SN11087 incorporates a power MOS inside to meet the current requirement (500 uA) in USB suspend state. The usage of EEPROM can also now be eliminated by the capability to program the customized vendor/product ID/string in the flash itself. Therefore, the total cost is reduced by upgrade from SN11085 to SN11087.
For fulfilling different customers’ needs, SN11087 now provides several ways to build different end products. The first one is to provide different security functions. The OEM manufacturers can program one of the two ways in manufacturing via software. The flashing ways of LED can also be selected by software now. The pin 35 of SN11087 is now used to support new security feature. The original two security features provided in SN11085/86 still exist. The customers can select any one of them during the mass production stage, making production much easier. With these flexibilities, the manufacturers can easily build different products by using exactly the same components. The only place needs to be changed on PCB is pin 35.
The USB Mass Storage Class compliance capability of SN11087 makes it a truly “plug-and-play” device without vendor drivers under Windows 2000/ME/XP and Mac OS 9/10. SN11087 also provides PC boot up and data security function that exact the same as a floppy disk (1.44M), which makes it an ideal replacement for the legacy floppy disk.

*USB 1.1 12 MHz full-speed compatible
*USB 1.1 Mass Storage Class compliant
*USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport 1.0 supported
*USB Mass Storage Class SCSI transparent command set supported
*Low system clock (6MHz) to reduce EMI
*Customized VID, PID, serial number, and 28 characters of Vendor/Product/Revision string supported within flash or external EEPROM.
*EEPROM in system programmable (ISP) capability
*Support Samsung and Toshiba NAND-type flash memory, from 32Mbits to 1Gbits
*Support new type of Samsung NAND type flash memory, from 1Gbits to 4Gbits
*Real-time ECC correction circuit for data integrity and memory access speed acceleration
*Embedded SRAM for logical-to-physical address translation to extend the life time of NAND-type flash
*Support up to 8 NAND type flash memories are supported
*Support up to 2 Gbytes of disk capacity
*Embedded FIFO for upstream and downstream data transfer
*Built-in power MOS to meet USB suspend requirement (500 uA)
*Data transfer rate up to 1.5 MB/s (burst), 1.1 MB/s (read average)
*LED indicator pin
*Three modes of LED flashing patterns can be selected
*Five speed of LED flashing speed provided
*PC boot up capability (host BIOS with USB boot up support is necessary)
*Flash disk security function provided, up to 16 characters of password for high sensitive data protection from illegally access
*Three types of security functions can be selected
*ROM-type flash disk capability provided (permanent write protect)
*No Driver needed under Microsoft Windows ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.x/10.x
*Sonix Driver for Microsoft Windows 98
*Sonix mass production tool available for mass production
*Sonix security program available
*Sonix bonus programs available
*Single 3.3V operation
*48 pin LQFP package

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