* Dual RF synthesizers
* RF1: 2.3 GHz to 2.6 GHz
* RF2: 750 MHz to 1.7 GHz
* IF synthesizer
* IF: 62.5 MHz to 1.0 GHz
* Integrated VCOs, loop filters, dividers, and phase detectors
* Minimal external components
* Continuous operation over a wide temperature range
* Fast settling time: 200 μsec
* Low phase noise
* 5 μA standby current
* 28-lead MLP, 5 x 5 mm

* Single-mode W-CDMA wireless handsets, terminals, and modems
* Dual-mode GSM/UMTS wireless handsets, terminals, and modems

The Si4133W is a monolithic integrated circuit that performs RF and IF synthesis for GSM/GPRS and W-CDMA wireless communications. In dualmode GSM/UMTS handsets, the Si4133W meets demanding requirements for very low phase noise and fast settling time for both modes. The Si4133W integrates three complete phase-locked loops (PLLs) on a single die including VCOs, loop filters, reference and VCO dividers, and phase detectors. Dividers and powerdown settings are programmable through a three-wire serial interface.


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