The SG1577A is a high-efficiency, voltage-mode, dualchannel, synchronous DC/DC PWM controller for two independent outputs. The two channels are operated out of phase. The internal reference voltage is trimmed to 0.7V±1.5%. It is connected to the error amplifier’s positive terminal for voltage feedback regulation.
The soft-start circuit ensures the output voltage can be gradually and smoothly increased from zero to its final regulated value. The soft-start pin can also be used for chip-enable function. When two soft-start pins are grounded, the chip is disabled and the total operation current can be reduced to under 0.7mA.
The fixed-frequency is programmable from 60kHz to 340kHz. The Over-Current Protection (OCP) level can be programmed by an external current sense resistor. It has two integrated sets of internal MOSFET drivers.
SG1577A is available in a 20-pin SOP package.

*Integrated Two Sets of MOSFET Drivers
*Two Independent PWM Controllers
*Constant Frequency Operation: Free-running Fixed Frequency Oscillator Programmable: 61kHz to 340kHz
*Maximum Input Supply Voltage: 15V
*Programmable Output as Low as 0.7V
*Internal Error Amplifier Reference Voltage: 0.7V±1.5%
*Two Soft-Start / EN Functions
*Programmable Over-Current Protection (OCP)
*30V HIGH Voltage Pin for Bootstrap Voltage
*Output Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
*20-Pin SOP

*CPU and GPU Vcore Power Supply
*Power Supply Requiring Two Independent Outputs


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