The SC420 is a cost effective Dual MOSFET Driver, incorporating Semtech’s patented Combi-SenseTM technology, designed for switching High and Low side Power MOSFETs in Step-down Switching regulators. A 20ns max propagation delay from input transition to the gate of the power FET’s guarantees operation at high switching frequencies. Internal overlap protection circuit prevents shoot-through from Vin to GND in the main and synchronous MOSFETs.
High current drive capability (2A peak) allows fast switching, thus reducing switching losses at high (up to 1.5MHz) frequencies without causing thermal stress on the driver.
The high voltage CMOS process allows operation up to 27 Volts, making the SC420 suitable for adaptor powered applications. Under-voltage-lockout and over-temperature shutdown features are included for proper and safe operation. The SC420 is offered in a space saving MLP-12 package.

* High efficiency
* Shutdown mode for increased power saving
* Tri-state capability
* Fast rise and fall times (15ns typical with 3000pF load)
* 5V gate drive
* Ultra-low (<20ns) propagation delay (BG going low)
* Adaptive and programmable non-overlapping gate drives provide shoot-through protection
* Floating top drive switches up to 27V
* High frequency (to 1.5 MHz) operation allows use of small inductors and low cost ceramic capacitors
* Under-voltage lockout
* Low quiescent current
* MLP packaging provides superior thermal performance in a small footprint


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