The SA303 is a fully integrated switching amplifier designed primarily to drive three-phase Brushless DC (BLDC) motors. Three independent half bridges provide over 10 amperes peak output current under microcontroller or DSC control. Thermal and short circuit monitoring is provided, which generates fault signals for the microcontroller to take appropriate action.
A block diagram is provided in Figure 1.
Additionally, cycle-by-cycle current limit offers user programmable hardware protection independent of the microcontroller. Output current is measured using an innovative low loss technique. The SA303 is built using a multi-technology process allowing CMOS logic control and complementary DMOS output power devices on the same IC. Use of P-channel high side FETs enables 60V operation without bootstrap or charge pump circuitry.
The Power Quad surface mount package balances excellent thermal performance with the advantages of a low profile surface mount package.

*Low Cost 3 Phase Intelligent Switching Amplifier
*Directly Connects to Most Embedded Microcontrollers and Digital Signal Controllers
*Integrated Gate Driver Logic with Dead-Time Generation and Shoot-through Prevention
*Wide Power Supply Range (8.5V To 60V)
*Over 10A Peak Output Current per Phase
*3A Continuous Output Current per Phase
*Independent Current Sensing for each Output
*User Programmable Cycle-by-cycle Current Limit Protection
*Over-Current and Over-Temperature Warning Signals

*3 phase brushless DC motors
*Multiple DC brush motors
*3 independent solenoid actuators


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