The PCI Local bus concept was developed to break the PC data I/O bottleneck and clearly opens the door to increasing system speed and expansion capabilities. The PCI Local bus moves high speed peripherals from the I/O bus and places them closer to the system’s processor bus, providing faster data transfers between the processor and peripherals. The PCI Local bus also addresses the industry’s need for a bus standard which is not directly dependent on the speed, size and type of system processor. It represents the first microprocessor independent bus offering performance more than adequate for the most demanding applications such as full-motion video.
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC), the premier supplier of single chip solutions, has developed the S5335 to solve the problem of interfacing applications to the PCI Local bus while offering support for newer PCI chipsets and operating systems. The S5335 is a powerful and flexible PCI controller supporting several levels of interface sophistication. At the lowest level, it can serve simply as a PCI bus Target with modest transfer requirements. For high-performance applications, the S5335 can become a Bus Master to attain the PCI Local bus peak transfer capability of 132 MBytes/sec. The S5335 was designed for 3.3V environment but its inputs/outputs are tolerant to 5V signaling.

*PCI 2.1 Compliant Master/Slave Device
*Full 132 Mbytes/sec Transfer Rate
*PCI Bus Operation DC to 33 MHz
*8/16/32 Bit Add-On User Bus
*3.3V Power Supply
*5V Tolerant I/Os
*Four Definable Pass-Thru Data Channels
*Two 32 Byte Internal FIFOs w/DMA
*Synchronous Add-On Bus Operation
*Mail Box Registers w/Byte Level Status
*Direct Mail Box Data Strobe/Interrupts
*Direct PCI & Add-On Interrupt Pins
*Optional Non-Volatile Memory Boot Loading
*Optional Expansion BIOS/POST Code
*176 Pin LQFP
*Environmental Friendly Lead-Free Package Option

*High Speed Networking
*Digital Video Applications
*I/O Communications Ports
*High Speed Data Input/Output
*Multimedia Communications
*Memory Interfaces
*High Speed Data Acquisition
*Data Encryption/Decryption
*Intel i960 Interface
*General Purpose PCI Interfacing

S5335QF, S5335QFAAB, S5335DK

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