The RF3417 is a low-loss, compact, and economical surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) filter designed to provide front-end selectivity in 315.0 MHz receivers.
Receiver designs using this filter include superhet with 10.7 MHz or 500 kHz IF, direct conversion and superregen.
Typical applications of these receivers are wireless remotecontrol and security devices (especially for automotive keyless entry) operating in the USA under FCC Part 15, in Canada under DOC RSS-210, and in Italy.
This coupled-resonator filter (CRF) uses selective null placement to provide suppression, typically greater than 40 dB, of the LO and image spurious responses of superhet receivers with 10.7 MHz IF.
RFM’s advanced SAW design and fabrication technology is utilized to achieve high performance and very low loss with simple external impedance matching (not included).
Quartz construction provides excellent frequency stability over a wide temperature range.

• Ideal Front-End Filter for USA Automotive Wireless Receivers
• Low-Loss, Coupled-Resonator Quartz Design
• Simple External Impedance Matching
• Rugged TO39 Hermetic Package
• Complies with Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS)


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