This IC is a system reset IC developed using the CMOS process. Super low consumption current of 0.25μA typ. has been achieved through use of the CMOS process. Also, detection voltage is high precision detection of ±2%.

*Super low consumption current 0.25μA typ. (when VDD = Vs + 1V)
*High precision detection voltage ±2%
*Hysteresis characteristic 5% typ.
*Operating range 0.95 ~ 10V
*Wide operating temperature range -30 ~ +85°C
*Detection voltage 2 ~ 6V (0.1V step)

*Microcomputer, CPU, MPU reset circuits
*Logic circuit reset circuits
*Battery voltage check circuits
*Back-up circuit switching circuits
*Level detection circuits

PST3120, PST3220, PST3320, PST3420
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