PS4530/PS4531/PS4532 are low voltage CMOS analog ICs configured as an 8-channel multiplexer (mux) (PS4530), two 4-channel muxes (PS4531), and three single-pole/double-throw switches (PS4532). These devices are pin compatible with the industry standard 74H4351/74HC4352/74HC4353. All devices have two complementary switch-enable inputs and address latching.
The PS4530/PS4531/PS4532 operate from a single supply of +2V to +12V, or from dual supplies of ±2V to ±6V. On-resistance (150Ohm max.) is matched between switches to 8Ohm max. Each switch can handle rail-to-rail analog signals. Off-leakage current is only 1nA at TA = +25°C and 50nA at TA = +85oC.
All digital inputs have 0.8V and 2.4V logic thresholds, ensuring both TTL-logic and CMOS-logic compatibility when using ±5V or a single +5V supply.

*Low On-Resistance (60 Ohm typ.) Minimizes Distortion and Error Voltages
*Single-Supply Operation (+2.0V to 12.0V)
*Dual-Supply Operation (± 2.0V to ± 6.0V)
*Improved Second Sources for MAX4530/MAX4531/MAX4532
*75 Ohm On-Resistance with ±5V supplies
*150 Ohm On-Resistance with ±5V supply
*TTL/CMOS Logic Compatible
*Fast Switching Speed, tON and tOFF = 150ns & 120ns at ±4.5V
*Break-Before-Make action eliminates momentary crosstalk
*Rail-to-Rail Analog Signal Range
*Low Power Consumption, <1μW
*Narrow SOIC, and SSOP Packages Minimize Board Area

*Data Acquisition Systems
*Audio Switching and Routing
*Test Equipment
*Telecommunication Systems
*Battery-Powered Systems

PS4531, PS4532, PS4530CWP, PS4530CAP, PS4530EWP

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