The PI6C3503 is a Low Power Frequency Multiplier with Spread Spectrum function to reduce EMI interference. The PI6C3503 provides a 1 time Spread Spectrum modulated output from a single clock source or a crystal. The PI6C3503 can reduce EMI at the clock output and it allows signifi cant system cost savings by reducing the number of circuit board layers ferrite beads and shielding that are traditionally required to pass EMI regulations.
Power down control is selectable through external logic state setting. The various and small package outlines can save board size and is easy for layout.
The PI6C3503 can be used in most portable devices with low power requirements like PDA, DSC, MFP, Media player, portable-TV, and LCM(LCD Panel Module).
PI6C3503 is one of Pericom clock products, if you have application need with clock input or output not specifi ed here, please contact with Pericom for further information or custom clock design.

*Produces a 1 time spread spectrum clock signal from the input frequency.
*2.5 V or 3.3V power supply operation.
*Input frequency range from 13MHz to 30MHz.
*Frequency Spreading Ratio : +1.15% (Typical @15MHz output frequency)
*Modulation Rate : Fin/640
*Low power consumption design
*6-pin SOT-23, 6-pin TDFN, 8-pin TSSOP, and 8-pin SOIC Packages.

PI6C3503TE, PI6C3503ZCE, PI6C3503WE, PI6C3503LE

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