The PI6C3421A is a Spread Spectrum Clock Synthesizer and part of the Pericom SSCG product family. The part generates one high precision 27.000 MHz spread spectrum clock output from a single clock source or a crystal and one 27.000 MHz un-modulated clock output, and is designed to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) by spreading the clock.
This reduction in EMI can result in signifi cant system cost saving and less design complexity by reducing the number of circuit board layers ferrite beads and shielding. In the absence of a spread spectrum clock, other EMI-reducing components are required in order to comply with regulatory agency requirements.
The spreading ratio is selectable using the selection pins. The PI6C3421A provides -0.25%, -0.5%, -0.75% and -1.0% spread modulation through external logic stage setting. The variety and the reduced size of the package outlines can save precious board space and make layout easier.
PI6C3421A is one of the clock products provided by Pericom.
If your application needs a clock product with a different specifi cation not currently provided, please contact us for further information or custom design.

Product Features
*14.318 MHz input frequency, (crystal or external reference)
*Two High Precision outputs:
-27.000 MHz SSC clock output
-27.000 MHz clock output
*Four Down-Spread options:
-Down-spread: -0.25%, -0.5%, -0.75% and -1.0% typical at 14.318MHz input
*Single 3.3V Power Supply
*Modulation Rate: Fin /448
*Industrial and commercial temperature supported
*Packaging ( Pb-Free and Green):
-SOTiny™ 6-pin SOT-23 (T)

The PI6C3421A can be used in most multimedia applications and embedded systems including but not limited to the following:
*Printers/ MFPs
*Media players
*Embedded digital video devices
*CD-ROM, VCD and DVD players
*LCD Panel Modules
*Automotive components
*Networking devices


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