The PE3282A is a dual fractional-N phase-locked loop integrated circuit designed for frequency synthesis and fabricated on Peregrine’s patented UTSi® CMOS process.
Each PLL includes a prescaler, phase detector, charge pump and on-board fractional spur compensation.
The 32/33 RF prescaler (PLL1) operates up to 1.1 GHz and the 16/17 IF prescaler (PLL2) operates up to 510 MHz.
The PE3282A provides fractional-N division with power-of-two denominator values up to 32. This allows comparison frequencies up to 32 times the channel spacing, providing a lower phase-noise floor than integer PLLs.

* Modulo-32 fractional-N main counters
* On-board fractional spur compensation: no tuning required, stable over temperature
* Improved phase noise compared to integer-N architectures
* Low power—8.5 mA at 3 V
* Integrated 1.1 GHz ÷ 32/33 prescaler
* Integrated 510 MHz ÷ 16/17 prescaler

* Cellular handsets
* Cellular base stations
* Spread-spectrum radio
* Cordless phones
* Pagers

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