As a stereo audio speaker which is operating on a single 5V supply, the UTC PA3017 is capable of delivering 2W of output power per channel into 3Ω loads with less than 1% THD+N. Way of two terminals (GAIN0 and GAIN1) can configured and control the amplifier gain. It also provide gain settings of 6 dB, 10 dB, 15.6 dB, and 21.6 dB (inverting). Other features include internal gain control which requires few external components, an active-low shutdown mode input and thermal shutdown protection.

*2W Output power into 3Ω load from 5V supply each channel
*Gain control internally
*Differential input fully
*Depop circuitry
*Shutdown protection thermally

PA3017-N20-R, PA3017-N20-T

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