The PA 16 and PA 16A are wideband, high output current operational amplifiers designed to drive resistive, inductive and capacitive loads. Their complementary “collector output” stage can swing close to the supply rails and is protected against inductive kickback. For optimum linearity, the output stage is biased for class A/B operation. The safe operating area (SOA) can be observed for all operating conditions by selection of user programmable, current limiting resistors (down to 10mA). Both amplifiers are internally compensated but are not recommended for use as unity gain followers. For continuous operation under load, mounting on a heatsink of proper rating is recommended.
These hybrid integrated circuits utilize thick film (cermet) resistors, ceramic capacitors and semiconductor chips to maximize reliability, minimize size and give top performance. Ultrasonically bonded aluminum wires provide reliable interconnections at all operating temperatures. The Power SIP package is electrically isolated.

*High power bandwidth — 350kHz
*High slew rate — 20V/μs
*Fast settling time — 600ns
*Low crossover distortion — Class A /B
*Low internal losses — 1.2V at 2A
*High output current — ±5A P eak
*Low input bias current — FET Input
*Isolated case — 300 VDC

*Motor, valve and actuator control
*Magnetic deflection circuits up to 5A
*Power transducers up to 350 kHz
*Audio amplifiers up to 44W RMS


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