The UTC PA0202 is a monolithic integrated circuit that stereo bridged audio power amplifiers capable of producing 2 W into 3Ω with a 5V supply voltage or 800mW into 3Ω with a 3.3V supply
The UTC PA0202 simplifies design and frees up board space for other features.
Both of the depop circuitry and the thermal shutdown protection circuitry are integrated in UTC PA0202, that reduce clicks and pops noise during power up or shutdown mode operation.
A MUX control terminal (HP/LINE) allows selection between the two sets of stereo input signals.
To simplify the audio system design, UTC PA0202 combines a stereo bridge-tied loads (BTL)mode for speaker drive and a stereo single-end (SE)mode for headphone drive into a single chip, where both modes are easily switched by the SE/BTL input control pin signal.

* Improves depop circuitry to eliminate turn-on and turn-off transients in output
* Output power:
- 2W(typ.)@5V into 3Ω with 0.2% THD+N max (1kHz)
- 800mW(typ.)@3.3V into 3Ω with 0.2% THD+N max (1kHz)
* Fully specified for use with 3-Ω Loads
* Stereo switchable bridged/single-ended power amplifiers
* Input MUX select terminal
* Thermal-shutdown protection
* Shutdown mode available


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