·  Single-stage power conversion, input voltage range of 5V to 18V
·  Reduces the number of components and board size by 30% compared with conventional design
·  Supports both floating and grounded secondary designs
·  90% efficiency vs. typical 75% efficiency of conventional designs
·  Internal open-lamp and short-circuit protections
·  Wide dimming range
·  Supports synchronization among multiple inverter modules
·  Reliable 2-winding transformer design, eliminates arcing problems
·  Constant frequency, symmetrical, sinusoidal drive

The OZ962 is a unique high-efficiency, CCFL backlight controller. It generates symmetrical, near sinusoidal output voltage and current waveforms for driving a CCFL backlight. The OZ962 operates in a single, constant frequency, pulse-width-modulation (PWM) mode. Typical operating frequency ranges between 30 KHz to 100 KHz, depending on the CCFL and the transformer’s characteristics. Operating in a PWM push-pull manner, the transformer in the OZ962 backlight inverter requires only one primary winding and one secondary winding, with the secondary winding requiring no fold-back treatment. The OZ962 is available in both 16-pin SOIC and TSSOP packages. It is specified over the commercial temperature range: 0 oC to +70 oC.

OZ962R OZ962G

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