The NCP5383 is a two phase buck controller used in low voltage, high current power supplies. Dual-edge pulse-width modulation (PWM) combined with inductor current sensing and adaptive voltage positioning (AVP) reduces system cost by providing the fastest initial response to transient loads thereby requiring less bulk and ceramic output capacitors to satisfy transient load-line requirements. A high performance operational error amplifier is provided, which allows for easy compensation of the system. Protection features include overcurrent protection, undervoltage lockout (UVLO), thermal shutdown and power good monitor.

*Dual-edge PWM for Fastest Initial Response to Transient Loading
*High Performance Operational Error Amplifier
*1% Internal Reference Voltage Accuracy
*Phase-to-Phase Current Balancing
*“Lossless” Differential Inductor Current Sensing
*Differential Current Sense Amplifiers for Each Phase
*Adaptive Voltage Positioning (AVP)
*Frequency Range: 100 kHz – 400 kHz Set by the Resistor
*Power Good Output with Internal Delays
*Programmable Soft Start Time
*Integrated Gate Drivers
*This is a Pb-Free Device

*Pentium IV Processors
*Graphics Cards
*Low Voltage, High Current Power Supplies


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