The NCP3102 is a high efficiency, 10 A DC-DC buck converter designed to operate from a 5 V to 13.2 V supply. The device is capable of producing an output voltage as low as 0.8 V. The NCP3102 can continuously output 10 A through MOSFET switches driven by an internally set 275 kHz oscillator. The 40-pin device provides an optimal level of integration to reduce size and cost of the power supply. The NCP3102 also incorporates an externally compensated transconductance error amplifier and a capacitor programmable soft-start function. Protection features include programmable short circuit protection and under voltage lockout (UVLO). The NCP3102 is available in a 40-pin QFN package.

* Input Voltage Range from 4.5 V to 13.2 V
* 275 kHz Internal Oscillator
* Greater than 90% Maximum Efficiency
* Boost Pin Operates to 25 V
* Voltage Mode PWM Control
* 0.8 V 1% Internal Reference Voltage
* Adjustable Output Voltage by Resistor Divider
* Capacitor Programmable Soft-Start
* 80% Maximum Duty Cycle
* Input Undervoltage Lockout
* Resistor Programmable Current Limit
* This is a Pb-Free Device

* Servers/Networking
* DSP and FPGA Power Supply
* DC-DC Regulator Modules

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