General Description
The Micron® Imaging MT9E001 is a 1/2.5-inch format CMOS active-pixel digital image
sensor with a pixel array of 3,264H x 2,448V.
It incorporates sophisticated on-chip camera functions such as windowing, mirroring, binning and skip modes, and snapshot mode.
It is programmable through a simple two-wire serial interface and has very low power consumption.
The MT9E001 digital image sensor features DigitalClarity® technology—Micron's breakthrough
low-noise CMOS imaging technology that achieves near CCD image quality (based on signal-to-noise ratio and low-light sensitivity) while maintaining the inherent size, cost, power consumption, and integration advantages of CMOS.

* DigitalClarity® CMOS imaging technology
* Superior low-light performance
* Low dark current
* Simple two-wire serial interface
* Auto black level calibration
* Support for external mechanical shutter
* Support for external LED or Xenon flash
* High frame rate preview mode with arbitrary downsize scaling from maximum resolution
* Programmable controls: gain, frame size/rate, exposure, left-right and top-bottom image reversal, window size, and panning
* Data interface: parallel
* On-chip phase-locked loop (PLL)
* Bayer pattern down-size scaler
* Four channel shading correction (SC)

* Digital still cameras
* Cellular phones


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