This is an analog IC virtual surround processor that faithfully reproduces the sound algorithm developed by Q SOUND Labs, Inc.
In particular, when a stereo signal (L/Rch) encoded by Dolby Pro Logic is input to this IC, a virtual rear speaker is created spatially, and this allows reproduction of realistic, 3-dimensional sound from two speakers, without the addition of another speaker.
Q Xpander technology allows deep, spatially wide sound for input of normal stereo signals, as well.
* Virtual Dolby sound is a system developed by Dolby Labs, Inc. that reproduces realistic Pro Logic sound with just two front left and right speakers, so there is no need for the additional two rear speakers and center speaker normally required for Pro Logic sound.
* Dolby and Dolby Surround are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratory Licensing Corporation.
* The Q Surround virtual processor (MM1454) was developed by Mitsumi Electric, and has not received the certification or authorization of Dolby Laboratory.
* Mitsumi Electric has no business ties or other relationship with Dolby Laboratory.

*Virtual rear speakers allow reproduction of 3-dimensional sound through only two speakers when a Pro Logic encoded source is input.
*Also reproduces wide sound for a normal stereo source.
*2ch input - 2ch output.
*Few external parts due to use of the active filter created using Mitsumi's bipolar technology.
*Low noise design Q Surround ON: 15μVrms, OFF: 10μVrms
*Simple structure results in small size and low cost.

*Audio equipment
*Computer monitors
*Active speaker systems

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