General Description
The MLX90255xx linear sensor array consists of a 128 x 1 array of photodiodes, associated
charge amplifier circuitry and a pixel data-hold function that provides simultaneous integration
start and stop times for all pixels. The pixels measure 200μm (H) by 66 μm (W) and there is 8
μm spacing between pixels. Operation is simplified by internal control logic that requires
only a Serial Input (SI) pulse and a clock signal. The sensor consists of 128 photodiodes
arranged in a linear array. Light energy falling on a photodiode generates photocurrent, which is integrated by the active integration circuitry associated with that pixel. During the integration
period, a sampling capacitor connects to the output of the integrator through an analog
switch. The amount of charge accumulated at each pixel is directly proportional to the light
intensity and the integration time. The output and reset of the integrators is controlled by a
132-bit shift register and reset logic. An output cycle is initiated by clocking in a logic 1 on SI.
This causes all 132 sampling capacitors to be disconnected from their respective integrators
and starts an integrator-reset period.

Features and Benefits
*128 x 1 Sensor-Element Organization (1 Not Connected, 1 dummy, 128 real, 1 dummy, 1
Dark Pixel)
*385 DPI sensor pitch
*High Linearity and Uniformity for 256 Gray-Scale
*High Sensitivity: 1.7V @ 10μW/cm 2 @ 0.7ms integration time
*Special Gain Compensation for use with single LED light source
*Output Referenced to Ground
*Single 5V Supply
*Operation to 1MHz

*position Sensing
*electrical Power Assist Steering (EPAS)
*spectrometer Applications

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