The MLX90210 is a discrete micromachined Pressure sensor IC suitable for pressure ranges between 0 to 1.0 Bar.
The pressure medium must be dry and non-corrosive, such as air.
The circuit is a piezoresistive bridge which is realized in silicon through a special micromachining process.
As pressure is applied to the bridge, a differential voltage change is seen across the Vout pins, while a bias voltage is applied to the Vexc pins.
The MLX90210 is a versatile pressure sensor solution which can be directly interfaced with other Melexis ICs such as the MLX90308, which provides amplification, signal conditioning as well as the bias current to supply the sensor itself.

Features and Benefits
* 0 - 1.0 Bar Range
* Differential pressure sensor
* Compact Design
* High Long Term Stability

* Medical Instrumentation (Blood Pressure)
* Consumer Appliances
* Sports Equipment
* Pressure Difference and Flow Monitoring

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