The MC74VHCT4051 utilizes silicon–gate CMOS technology to achieve fast propagation delays, low ON resistances, and low OFF leakage currents. This analog multiplexer/demultiplexer controls analog voltages that may vary across the complete power supply range (from VCC to GND).
The VHCT4051 is identical in pinout to the high–speed HC4051A and the metal–gate MC14051B. The Channel–Select inputs determine which one of the Analog Inputs/Outputs is to be connected by means of an analog switch to the Common Output/Input. When the Enable pin is HIGH, all analog switches are turned off.
The Channel–Select and Enable inputs are compatible with TTL–type input thresholds. The input protection circuitry on this device allows overvoltage tolerance on the input, allowing the device to be used as a logic–level translator from 3.0V CMOS logic to 5.0V CMOS Logic or from 1.8V CMOS logic to 3.0V CMOS Logic while operating at the higher–voltage power supply.
The MC74VHCT4051 input structure provides protection when voltages up to 7V are applied, regardless of the supply voltage. This allows the MC74VHCT4051 to be used to interface 5V circuits to 3V circuits.
This device has been designed so that the ON resistance (Ron) is more linear over input voltage than Ron of metal–gate CMOS analog switches.
For a multiplexer/demultiplexer with channel–select latches, see VHC4351.

*Fast Switching and Propagation Speeds
*Low Crosstalk Between Switches
*Diode Protection on All Inputs/Outputs
*Analog Power Supply Range (VCC – GND) = 2.0 to 6.0 V
*Digital (Control) Power Supply Range (VCC – GND) = 2.0 to 6.0 V
*Improved Linearity and Lower ON Resistance Than Metal–Gate Counterparts
*Low Noise
*In Compliance With the Requirements of JEDEC Standard No. 7A


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