The MC34066/MC33066 are high performance resonant mode controllers designed for off–line and dc–to–dc converter applications that utilize frequency modulated constant on–time or constant off–time control. These integrated circuits feature a variable frequency oscillator with programmable deadtime, precision retriggerable one–shot timer, temperature compensated reference, high gain wide–bandwidth error amplifier with a precision output clamp, steering flip–flop, and dual high current totem pole outputs ideally suited for driving power MOSFETs. Also included are protective features consisting of a high speed fault comparator and latch, programmable soft–start circuitry, input undervoltage lockout with selectable thresholds, and reference undervoltage lockout. These devices are available in dual–in–line and surface mount packages.

*Variable Frequency Oscillator with a Control Range Exceeding 1000:1
*Programmable Oscillator Deadtime Allows Constant Off–Time Operation
*Precision Retriggerable One–Shot Timer
*Internally Trimmed Bandgap Reference
*5.0 MHz Error Amplifier with Precision Output Clamp
*Dual High Current Totem Pole Outputs
*Selectable Undervoltage Lockout Thresholds with Hysteresis
*Enable Input
*Programmable Soft–Start Circuitry
*Low Startup Current for Off–Line Operation

MC33066, MC34066DW, MC34066P, MC33066DW, MC33066P

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