The MC13028A is a third generation C–QUAM stereo decoder targeted for use in low voltage, low cost AM/FM E.T.R. radio applications. Advanced features include a signal quality detector that analyzes signal strength, signal to noise ratio, and stereo pilot tone before switching to the stereo mode. A “blend function” much like FM stereo has been added to improve the transition from mono to stereo. The audio output level is adjustable to allow easy interface with a variety of AM/FM tuner chips. The external components have been minimized to keep the total system cost low.

*Adjustable Audio Output Level
*Stereo Blend Function
*Stereo Threshold Adjustment
*Operation from 2.2 V to 12 V Supply
*Precision Pilot Tone Detector
*Forced Mono Function
*Single Pinout VCO
*IF Amplifier with IF AGC Circuit
*VCO Shutdown Mode at Weak Signal Condition

MC13028AD, MC13028AP

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